One year, one camera, one lens

Feeling in a rut with my photography, I decided to follow Mike Johnston’s OYOCOL program — One Year, One Camera, One Lens. Johnston originally stipulated that the camera should be a Leica, shooting film. Then he relented, since so few people can afford a Leica–or even film. But the basics remain the same: shoot black & white for one year for at least  five minutes every day using the same camera and the same prime lens, preferably a 50mm, and set the exposure manually. The X100s is slightly wider, at 35mm, but it’s what I have, and what I love. Like the Leica it has an optical viewfinder, which means the subject can be seen directly through plain glass instead of digitized on a screen. After a month the second part of the project kicks in: make one print a day, every day, although not necessarily from that day’s shoot. And no cropping. I’ll post those images on Flickr and a selection on this website. (A perilous undertaking; I don’t want to show banal photographs.) I started about a month ago. So here we go …

oyocol 6


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