Why I am not an artist

Acrylic lift is  a way of printing photographs on various  surfaces. In the demonstration I saw yesterday this was a framed wooden square of  about 9” by 9″. The surface is prepared and the photo, printed on normal paper, laid on it face down. By application of various polymers and resins and a scraping away of the paper the image is brought to the surface and embellished. The result is interesting,and I saw how to make a black and white photo look as if was printed on glass. But why would that be worth doing? Would  it add anything to the original image? Deepen its meaning in any way? Debatable, but I’d say no. If anything, the process puts more distance between the thing depicted and the depiction. The depiction, in fact, is everything. That’s one reason I am not an artist. Technique for the sake of technique seldom appeals to me.

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